This is a fantastic summer program for teenagers, boys and girls (competitive swimmers) to enjoy all about Barcelona and improve their level of Spanish while they keep their rutine of daily swimming practice with professional coaches.

ABOUT THE SWIMMING PRACTICE: The quality of the Intensive Swimming Program is the same whatever is your option of program. The only difference is how many days per week you train. All options have the same program cost per week so you can choose how many days of practice you want to attend once you are here.
Those participants who do not attend daily Swimming practice will attend Spanish classes in the mornings and cultural program in the afternoons.
You can check your options once you are here.

The standard Swimming & Spanish Summer Program program includes 4 days of intensive Swimming practice (Monday-Thursday) with professional trainers.
Because the training sessions are very intensive we suggest to train a maximum of 3 times per week for the younger participants (14 and 15 years old).
Older participants can train 4 or 5 days per week according to their option.
Swimmers can decide about this part of their Swimming Program once in Barcelona.

LOCATION IN BARCELONA: SpainBcn-School is located in the very center of Barcelona, in one of the nicest and elegant areas of the city, in the main avenue of Passeig de Gracia, less than 5 minutes walking to Plaza Catalunya and Las Ramblas. This is the heart of the Modernist Route and some of the more important Antonio Gaudi's buildings are just few minutes walking from our door. Transportation to/from the Swimming Club is included in the program.
Coordinators go with the swimmers from door to door.

The program includes scheduled Spanish lessons at SpainBcn's School daily in the morning (Monday through Friday from 9:30 am to 12 pm) and a complete Cultural Program in the afternoons (from 4:00 pm to 7:30 pm) with a variety of interesting guided visits, sightseeing tours, historical routes, best museums, cultural activities and excursions (this cultural program is different every week of the program) with students returning to their home in the evening. Meals: Students have daily breakfast and dinner with the host family. Students older than 14 have lunch at the Swimming Club or at the school area at their own cost.
NOTE: Contact us if you would like to have lunch included in the program's cost.

On Friday and Saturday, the school prepares a package-lunch with a big sandwich and drink per each students to be serve during the excursion on Saturday and the beach on Friday

Supervised program: We personally pick up our students at Barcelona airport or statio on arrival and departures dates for those participants travelling alone to Barcelona.
Students staying with our host families are picked up at their accommodations the first days or week of their program by the teachers and coordinators that will accompany them to the school. Theachers and coordinators will pick them up in the morning to accompany them until they feel confortable going to the school by themselves. Teachers and coordinators will also accompany them after the afternoon activities.
SpainBcn-Programs for Teens are supervised, good medical care is available, and students live with families who take responsibility for the teens. However, teen participants must be mature and serious in purpose.

Students live with nice, warm and carefully selected Spanish host families that collaborate with our school taking care of the program's participants.
Students can choose to be placed alone in the host family or together with 1 or 2 other/s participant/s of our programs.

HOST FAMILY QUESTIONNAIRE: When placing the students with the host families we try to match as mush as possible the students requests. Inform us about your preferences and requests when filling out the "Host Family Questionnary" that will be sent by e-mail when you enroll in the program.
CURFEW: the summer program's curfew at 11:00 pm.
and after dinner for younger participants. Those parents or tutors who want to give permission to their children to go ut at night (without teachers, coordinators or the host families) must send us a formal authorization. Some of our host families may prefer to have a student that do not go out during the night as the children of the family may not have permission to go out at night yet. In that case, the school may move the student to a different host family accommodation

Any Questions? Swimming@SpainBcnSummerCamps.com

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