Basketball & Spanish Immersion & Cultural Program for Teens
Would you like to come to test and improve your hoop skills while you enjoy a fun summer in Barcelona? Then, you'll love to join our fantastic SpainBcn-Basketball & Spanish/Cultural supervised summer programs for teenagers.
Our youth summer programs are designed to provide students with an immersion in the Spanish way of life while practicing their favourite sport, playing with/against Spanish players. Most of the participants are experienced players between 13 and 17 years old.

Available Homestay programs from 13 years old: accommodation with our nice and selected Spanish host families with children.
DAY & HALF DAY SUMMER PROGRAMS are also open for those (from 10 years old) who are on vacation in Barcelona with their family.
SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona with Sport Camps and Spanish host families accommodation


Participants enrol for 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks of summer program, any week or weeks between the last week of June and during al July.

Participants younger than 13 years old are not accommodated alone with our host families. Most of our Spanish host families have children of similar ages to the student we place with them and they will be also participating in our sport camps.
SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona
SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona for Teens: BASKETBALL + SPANISH


Basketball camp with professional coaches where you will practice daily to improve your free throws, dribbling, 3 on 3 competition, 5 on 5 competition. International participants are mixed at the camp with the Spanish players, boys and girls, according to their group age, level and experience. With 3-4 hour of Basketball per day, participants will benefit from the highest teaching standards, practicing Spanish language with native-speakers and attending basketball training sessions run by professional Spanish coaches.

CHOOSE YOUR OPTION OF BASKETBALL PROGRAM according to how many hours of Spanish lessons at School and how many cultural activities participants attend: 4 of Spanish or 4 days of Cultural Program or 2 days of Spanish and 2 days of Cultural Program.


Professional Spanish teachers with years of experience with teen students.
Students are placed with the right class the first day at school, according to their level of Spansh. Students receive all learning material at school according to their level.

Certificate of Studies (upon request) for those who attend the complete Spanish course.
SpainBcn-Programs for Teens:Basketball

A complete Cultural Program is offered daily in the afternoons for those with a good level of Spanish: social activities and excursions.

On Friday afternoon the common activity for all SpainBcn-Teen Summer Programs participants is "beach". Excursions day on Saturdays to visit beautiful locations with cultural and historical interest, on the Mediterranean coast.
SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona

with our nice and carefully selected Spanish host families in the center of Barcelona.
Students are placed according to his/her preferences and requests. They will be placed alone or together with other/s participant/s of any of our summer programs with similar age, according to their choice. Inform about your preferences when you enrol. The sons and daughters of our Spanish host families also attend the sport camps
together with the students they have at home.

Teachers and coordinators accompany the group of students during all the program activities. The program's curfew (at 11:00 pm) will be strictly enforced. Participants can not go out at night without their parents/tutors authorization if they are not with the school teachers and directors or their host families. Bilingual directors and coordinators are available 24/7 .
Discounts! Buddy Discount for those who enrol with a Buddy.
4 players: 10% discount. For groups from 6 players: contact us!

Teams and players of all ages are welcome. Customize your group program!
All year round, we'll provide coaches, trainers, courts, friendlies, etc.
SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona
Would you like to enrol? Contact us!!

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